Newsroom Author: Steven Cade

Oregon’s Supreme Court Revives Statutory Damages Caps

On May 5, 2016, the Oregon Supreme Court released an opinion breathing new life into the long neglected statutory damages caps on the books in Oregon.  The opinion will likely have a beneficial effect on risk management and insurance premiums in Oregon. In  Horton v. OHSU, 359 Or 168 (2016),  the court explained that the legislature has the power to … Continue reading

Oregon Supreme Court Clarifies Statute of Limitations

On June 16, 2016, the Oregon Supreme Court clarified that negligent construction claims in Oregon are governed by a two year statute of limitations.  The law on this point had been very confused in Oregon for the last several years, with different circuit courts applying a six year rule or a two year rule, with or without a discovery rule.[1]  … Continue reading