About Us


Lorber, Greenfield & Olsen, LLP handles a broad range of matters including construction related litigation, product liability, premise liability, personal injury, auto accidents and insurance defense matters.

We have been very successful with early and economic case resolution. We have extensive experience in alternative dispute resolution forums, including:

  • Court-directed arbitration and mediation
  • The American Arbitration Association
  • Judicial Arbitration Mediator Services (JAMS)
  • Judicial Reference Proceedings

A key component of our success is our commitment to efficient case management, proactive representation and a continuing “partnership” with our clients and insurers to bring about early resolution. This saves our clients money and time.

When dispute resolution fails, we are well equipped to take the case through the trial process, having years of successful judge and jury verdicts in our favor on behalf of our clients in construction and casualty matters.

At LGP, we emphasize in-house training of all our attorneys in insurance defense litigation. We work closely with our insurance carriers to ensure litigation management guideline compliance.

One of our key areas of practice is in the field of casualty litigation. Lorber, Greenfield & Olsen defends a wide range of personal injury and property damage litigation.

We represent insurance carriers in a variety of areas such as local and national operators of retail stores; common carriers and public transportation operators; motor vehicle owners and drivers; restaurants and fast food chains, municipalities, apartment complexes, property owners and business centers.

The Firm is staffed and equipped to handle any size case in this field and give it the attention it needs. A great many of our cases involve catastrophic injuries and losses, including claims of death, paralysis and disfigurement. These cases usually require a professional team with lawyers at two or more levels, supported by paralegals and other personnel. When a case needs this kind of staffing (and when a client desires it), Lorber, Greenfield & Olsen, LLP is fully capable of providing it. The Firm handles many small cases in this field as well, where the work is performed primarily by a single attorney, often with the assistance of a paralegal. We believe that these cases can be handled with thoroughness and attention to detail while remaining faithful to a client’s needs for economy and efficiency.

As in any field of litigation, many casualty suits are resolved by settlement.  However,  there are often a number of cases that are not likely to settle and will go to trial. We welcome those cases and the challenges they present. Our lawyers include senior trial attorneys who are experienced in the trial of casualty cases, both large and small.