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The Green Trial: The Emerald City Showing Growth in Sustainable Construction

With recent data showing that the Greater Seattle real estate market continues to grow at unprecedented rates, developers are continuing to work at a feverish pace to meet consumer demand.  Admittedly, this current state of affairs is not breaking news to Seattle area residents. However, another important facet of this construction boom appears to be receiving less attention.  Specifically, the … Continue reading

Welcome Benjamin Allen!

Ben Allen joins LGP today as an associate in the Pacific Northwest office.  Ben is licensed in Washington and Oregon, and has extensive litigation experience in state and federal courts. To learn about Ben, click here

Let the Good Times Toll?

Let The Good Times Toll? House Bill 1131 Proposing Changes to Washington’s Statute of Limitations. Washington land owners attempting to recover for property damage caused by construction work adjacent to their property may soon see a significant shift in how the statute of limitations applies to their claims.  Washington’s legislature is currently considering House Bill 1131 which would overturn the … Continue reading

You Say You Want A Railvolution? Sound Transit Proposing $54 Billion Dollar Public Transportation Plan

As the cooler days and cloudier skies of fall descend on the Puget Sound, two topics have captured the attention of most area residents: Washington Huskies football and the proposed $54 billion dollar expansion of the region’s light rail and public transportation system. Proposed by Sound Transit, the regional agency which plans, builds, and operates transit systems in the Puget … Continue reading

All Homes on Deck: Washington Home Buyers Navigating Uncharted Waters

In the years following the housing bubble collapse in the early 2000’s, the national conversation was focused on “underwater mortgages” and rapidly decreasing home values.  However, the recent economic recovery and growth in Washington has produced new and previously uncharted waters for homeowners and home buyers; a critical shortage of affordable housing.  The implications of this situation were recently highlighted … Continue reading

Growing Pains: Step by Step Seattle’s Becoming a Full House

There’s an absorption problem in Seattle, and it’s not being caused by the weather.  In the real estate context, an “absorption rate” is a metric used to measure how quickly a region’s available supply of homes will be purchased.  In other words, an absorption rate indicates how many months it will take the current buyer demand to “absorb” all of … Continue reading

Potential Issues Faced by General Contractors when a Subcontractor Files for Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is governed by Federal law.  The goal is to treat similarly-situated creditors equally so that one is not treated better than another.  This is achieved either through liquidation of the debtor’s assets or by a plan of reorganization negotiated with the creditors, under which the debtor continues operating. TYPES OF BANKRUPTCY: A general contractor faced with subcontractor’s bankruptcy filing … Continue reading

The Region of Boom: Seattle’s Mayor No Longer Defending His Proposed Real Estate Development Plan

Although the long days of summer are fading as quickly as the Mariner’s playoff chances, the Seattle housing market only continues to heat up. After my last blog post, “Sleepless in Seattle”, it seems not a day has gone by where the front page of our local newspaper isn’t dedicated to the booming Seattle housing market. Recently, this coverage has … Continue reading

Sleepless in Seattle; Construction Is Booming As the Seattle Real Estate Market Continues to Heat Up

SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE; CONSTRUCTION IS BOOMING AS THE SEATTLE REAL ESTATE MARKET CONTINUES TO HEAT UP As summer rapidly approaches the Seattle area, the city is abuzz with the annual influx of hopeful Mariner’s conversations, fish being thrown across Pike Place Market, and tourists snapping photographs of the iconic Space Needle. However, as the rain and overcast depart, it is … Continue reading